My name is Logan J Vickery. I am a Web Developer & Designer in Portland, OR. I craft inspiring and easy-to-use web experiences.


About Me

I earned my B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I first taught myself how to code in 2003. Then I became a designer, creating everything from graphics to furniture. Now I'm back to coding again making web pages & apps. I'm always learning something new. When not on the web, I'm hiking a mountain, going to a meetup or hackathon, taking photos, keeping volleyballs and frisbees from touching the ground, or trying not to burn a homemade pizza. Or, if I'm feeling lazy, binge-watching the latest thing on Netflix.

1st: Startup Weekend Atlanta, Fall 2014
Best Use of Harman API: At&T Molbile App Hackathon, Feb 15th, 2016

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