Logan J Vickery is a Web Developer from Portland, OR who crafts inspiring and easy-to-use web experiences.


About Me

My web developement journey started in 2003 when my boss at a part-time job told me to teach myself how to make websites on a slow day at work. Intrigued, I then continued to teach myself HTML, CSS, and a JavaScript to make my own websites and apps. I continued maintaining this site throughout college as a portfilio for my design work while studying Industrial Design (BSID 2010) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After college, I continued to moonlight as a designer and or developer for small freelance gigs in addition to attending hack-a-thons.

In 2016, I decided to turn my hobby into a career and after "refreshing" my skills using a free online resources, I accepted a job in Portland, OR as a full-time web specialist and front-end developer. Solving problems and creating apps and interfaces is my passion and what motivates me daily to further my web developement career. When I'm not coding, I enjoy cycling around the city, disocvering new music and movies, and exploring new cities and ourdoors spaces.

1st: Startup Weekend Atlanta, Fall 2014
Best Use of Harman API: At&T Molbile App Hackathon, Feb 15th, 2016

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