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Front-End Web Developer in Portland, OR crafting inspiring and easy-to-use web experiences.


HTML & CSS JavaScript, React, jQuery Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Wireframing & Flow Charts

About Me

I first began teaching myself how to code as a hobby in 2003. Later, while studying Industrial Design at Georgia Tech I used my coding skills to create and maintain my online portfolio. After 5 years of working in the design industry I decided to switch things up and do web development professionally. I brushed up on my coding skills, participated in (and won) a few hack-a-thons, worked on some side projects, and landed a few small freelance projects. Then, in 2016 I got my first full-time development position in Portland, OR and have been loving it ever since.

Outside of coding you'll find me cycling on one of my bikes, doing outdoorsy things, traveling, cooking, discovering new music, and playing games with friends.

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